Honey Wagon Farms
Contact: Sandi & Ed Taylor
Address: 265 Sandy Hook Road Picton, ON, K0T 2T0
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Phone: 613-476-6191
About Us
When we moved to Prince Edward County in 1993 to begin working here, we knew in retirement we wanted to farm and produce maple syrup traditionally. A year of searching led us to a wonderful piece of property we named HONEY WAGON FARMS. We are located just outside Picton on Sandy Hook Road, off of the County’s one and only roundabout. We now could pursue our dream of growing veggies without the use of herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides. Within a few years we were able to add to HONEY WAGON with the purchase of an adjacent maple sugar bush.

Still today we continue to gather sap in buckets. We boil on an open wood-fired evaporator with wood gathered from our own bush. We complete the process by filtering the finished syrup in a traditional method, allowing it to simply drain through large felts. We sell our syrup in litre jars and uniquely designed decorative bottles, great gifts for family and friends. After maple syrup, our first crop of the season, we move immediately into prepping the land for planting and vend our first veggie offerings of the season, asparagus and rhubarb from our farmgate honesty stand.

Tho now middle aged seniors we continue to plant a large selection of regular and specialty veggies focusing heavily on multi varieties of potatoes and squash. It has been a custom of ours to over-plant, allowing us to support foodbanks in Picton, Belleville and Kingston. Along with selling from our farm gate, we attend the Memorial Market and work with restaurants in both Picton and Kingston.
No Pesticides.
No Herbicides.
No Fungicides.