Fat of the Land Farm
Contact: Justin Hilborn
Address: 1430 County Rd. 8 Elgin, ON, K0G 1E0
About Us
We're a father and son (mostly father) team of farmers, Justin and Forrest Hilborn. We look forward to getting up every morning to do our chores, get on the land, work hard and eat well. Raising animals that eat only the best bites of grass, we're committed to producing food without any misleading labels, that's good for our health, great to eat, and heals and regenerates the land.
Our beef is 100% grass-fed, our pork and poultry is raised on pasture and receives a GMO-free grain ration. We don't medicate, don't use added hormones. Instead we rely on farming with the individual needs of the animals and land in mind and the result is healthy animals, healthy land, and happy farmers.