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About Us
Rooted Oak was founded in 2017 by Nikki & Stuart Oke. Inspired by the principles of Agroecology, Rooted Oak strives to nurture the land and our community using practices that put the environment first. With both practical experience and formal education in ecological systems, Rooted Oak Farm is managed with the belief that producing good food means stewarding the natural environment that it comes from.

Utilizing a combination of modern and efficient technology as well as traditional farm philosophy, Rooted Oak Farm uses ecologically sustainable systems and practises in the understanding that true sustainability is not just financial but includes the environment, quality of life and stewardship of the land. This concept which, to us, means the soil and natural world are made better by our presence and not worse is the guiding principle which we use to manage, grow and check our decisions.

Rooted Oak grows in compliance with the Canadian Organic Standards and will be certified organic in 2023.